Cheers 🥂

After so long, I finally feel like I can write again… 

Hey guys, Jojo here and it’s been ages.

To think that this year started out with me just 3 months into my NYSC with so many exciting plans and stuff to do and here we are at the end of the year, some of those plans accomplished and a whole bunch of others unaccomplished but I feel thankful anyway.

This year for me has been the happiest, saddest, most exciting, most disappointing year of my entire life. I feel like I’ve matured into a whole new woman.

I’ve explored me, burrowed deep into myself and gotten to know who I am a lot better. I lost myself then found myself then lost myself again and found myself again. I made rash “if I perish, I perish” decisions, I made mistakes that can’t ever be corrected. I’ve cut off people, pushed some away, brought a few closer only to push them away again. 

I’ve sat in my corner straight faced, emotionally and mentally exhausted and watched and observed the people around me none of whom seemed to ever be aware but hey, the thing is everyone’s got their own problems too so that’s whatever. When I was tired of human relations I had my nose in a book, they were always my escape and I’m super thankful to “Sarah J Maas” for nearly driving me crazy with her epic books, I’ve never been happier to have nearly gone mad.

I guess all I’m trying to say is this year was a whole lot emotionally stressful for me but if anything it was a year of learning, even more than previous years I have learned big lessons. Lessons that could either make me or break me and I’m yet to find out. 

I’ve laughed, 

I’ve cried, 

I’ve felt nothing and I’ve pretended to laugh and cry just to feel something. 

There’s something my mom would always say to us, she would say “Whatever time a person decides to wake up is their own dawn.” 

I don’t know if I’ve woken up yet but I know I am waking up. I know the sun’s gonna come up soon, I’m certain of it. 

I know life is beautiful for those who know how to live it and maybe, just maybe I will learn this thing they call “living” idk, lol I’ll let you know but still let’s drink to it anyway shall we? 😊😊 

Here’s to 2020 🥂 

And here’s to Living. 🥂 

Oh! And Merry Christmas ❤️

– Jo 

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