Happy New Year/ Mid January! (This was written in January but never made it to the blog till April) 😌

Hey everyone! Jojo here and Happy new year! Yes happy new year because y’all haven’t heard a peep from us since long before the new year. How y’all doing?? (Wendy William’s voice) lol

How was the holidays?? Mine was awesome! It could’ve been freeaaakkking awesome but I was down for most of it (I’ll tell you about it another time) but yeah it was awesome! The entire family was home for the first time in 6 years, we went to my hometown “Abiriba” somewhere in the south east of Nigeria and we had a great time, I’ll post some pictures at the bottom. 

Bella and I were reunited! Guys we spent 3 and  a half weeks goofing around and soaking up each other’s weirdness, enough to last a couple months since I’m probably gonna see her again if not summer at the end of the year : ( yes, I’m sad. (If you do not know who Bella is please go read the blog thank you!)

Okay! So we had wanted to start vlogs and posting mostly videos on the blog and even though we could both have made separate videos since Bella is off in college we thought it best to wait till we were both together to make the first one and we finally did! We pushed it off until the very day she was leaving so it was kind of rushed but we did it anyway and it shall be up on the blog soon or probably YouTube and then copy a link here.

You guys are probably even tired of us by now seeing as we take so many breaks from the blog but I promise that’s about to change. 

I’ll make a video talking about what I’ve been up to between leaving my old job and going for my National Youth Service (NYSC) in Nigeria, going to some kind of military camp, starting karate, meeting a bunch of cool people, getting sick, and finally getting to explore a new city (Lagos) so watch out for that too! 

Okay okay so I don’t take too much of your time I’m gonna stop now. To all of you who have been steady readers and have been patient with us thank you! If you’re new here please do follow our blog! 

Alright I’m gonna go get myself something to eat now it’s 3pm and I’m starving. Enjoy the photos below! Until next time people!! (which shall not be too long) peace! x

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