cursing and I

Oh cursing,

something that no matter how much you try not to do, you will do…. eventually.


According to google, a curse or cuss is an offensive word or phrase used to express anger or annoyance.

According to teenagers a curse is embedded in our vocabulary. We use curse words to express a variety of emotions: anger, sadness, joy, surprise, pleasure and a bunch of other stuff.


I don’t think there is anyone in the entire world who can safely say that they have never uttered an even remotely offensive curse word. lets be honest, we all do it, even if we don’t say it out loud.

Cursing has gradually started to take up space in my in head vocabulary. In case you don’t know what that is its the usual words I say in my head but not outwards. I don’t have anything against cursing. It has just been drummed to deep into me not to curse that I feel uncomfortable saying a curse word. I could write it down or say it in my head or even curse outwardly to myself but the entire thing exhausts me when I have to say It out loud except for those few times when your emotions are heightened for one reason or the other. I mean,


Effing impossible!

That doesn’t mean that everyone has a small problem with cursing. In fact some people curse in every sentence and others use curse words frequently. I don’t have a problem with people who curse, I’m quite comfortable when they utter curse words but when I say them, well, that’s another business.

The funny thing is that a bunch of us associate cursing with maturity (I included) sometimes when I pick up a novel and it has curse words I automatically feel like it’s a book worth reading. I’d still read it if it didn’t have any curse words but the presence of curse words adds that extra thrill to it and I don’t even know why.




The thing though is that cursing is something mostly associated with vulgarism and bad manners therefore it’s not exactly something a some people like to hear. They feel as if cursing automatically makes you a badly trained child. Truth is, cursing is a way of expressing ones self. Cursing does not and should not make you a badly mannered or vulgar person but honestly that really depends on the way you use the words. since some curse words are universally associated with sexual acts, every time you utter this word you would seem like a vulgar person.



Cursing although an expression is very wrong sometimes. Some people aren’t qualified to curse and by that I mean children. Children SHOULD NOT be allowed to learn curse word before they are qualified to speak them out loud. Most times it’s because of the people around them that kids start to curse. If they never hear it, they wont say it.


As cursing is usually considered rude, and is often associated with sexual stuff a child cursing is and should always be a no no. Until a person attains a certain level of maturity that person should not be allowed to curse. I mean,





Here are some weirdly effective substitutes for curse words

Fu*k  to Fudge, Frack

Sh*t to Shoot, Shnook, crap

A**hole to Grass hole

Motherf****r to Mother trucker or mother ducker

Cu*t to Blunt

Di**head to fundoodoo head

Bi*ch to goat or cow (they are all animals)

Son of a bi*tch to sun of a dumb goat or son of a gun

well, those are all the ones I could come up with at the moment.

Which brings me to the end of this post. The most picturated (if that’s a word) post I’ve written so far.

Hope this post thought you something one way or the other. I know I learned a new variety of curse words which really isn’t something to learn but still, knowledge right? oh well, until the next post people!

Stay awesome!!



7 thoughts on “cursing and I

  1. Love this post! Very cute!

    Love cursing myself! Probably do it way more then I should. 🙂

    But there is a time and place for cursing. And who you do it around is also so importantly courteious to another.

    I also have learned that cursing makes you sound ….no so intelligent. So, I practice venting my anger or frustrations in other words that sound more intelligent and professional. It challanges my vocabulary in new ways and I find creative ways of expressing myself. Escpecially when writing. 🙂

    And I certainly am not going to swear around children or a 14 yr. old.
    I would rather model intelligent words, then curse words.

    But, I am on board with everything you said about curse words.
    Very insightful of you.

    By the way, your only 14 and writing this stuff at 14!
    Your writing subject in school must be getting all “A” ‘s !! :-).

    Blog on young woman!

    Liked by 2 people

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