My lyric page

Hello world, universe, galaxy, people of the interwebs……………..

Okay, moving on!

I’m feeling particularly generous at the moment and so I thought I’d share something with all you pretty people.

Last Christmas one of my presents from my sister was this inspirational story-like book which gives advice about the journey of life and its challenges but is written as a rhyme.



There are different versions of this book but mine was the journal version.

This book has really inspired me. I’ve read it over and over and at first its meaning doesn’t really sink in but then it does and it really helps to understand it.

Since then I’ve done a lot of stuff in this book. I use it as both a journal and a random book. I like to be creative when I use it and I think having a book like this has really helped me in that area.

So yeah, right about now you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you about some random book you’ve probably never heard about. weeeeell, a couple weeks ago I started doing this thing I called a lyric page where I basically write a bunch of lyrics, lines and artists down on this one page with a bunch of colored pens and stuff. Most of the writings on this page are song lyrics or artists but a few of them are just random stuff that got into my head one way or another. As you can see mine is really not finished yet, I plan on covering every surface with ink and words.


So, I thought I’d tell all you wonderful people about my lyric page (any songs you know on it?) Β and hopefully inspire you to make one of your own. Its actually pretty easy and all you’d need are.


  1. A blank page. Preferably one without any margin lines and preferably in a book.







2. A bunch of colored pens. I didn’t use this exact kind but I used something quite similar.








3. Lyrics from your favorite songs and just a tiny bit of creativity.


Truth is anyone can do this, as far as you like music and have a remotely readable handwriting. Scratch that, you don’t even need to like music you just need to know it and who cares if your handwriting looks like the readings on a heart monitor (although it will be better if other people could actually read it too) A lyrics page is all about writing down lyrics that you connect with or your favorite part of a song. It could even be a quote or part of this poem you love so much. The possibilities are vast.

You know, whats weird is this post actually started out completely different. what I was really going to show you guys was a bunch of things I’ve written in my book but this turned into a post about my lyric page.


That brings me to the end of this post. I really do hope a whole bunch of you would try to make a lyric page of your own. What the hell, I challenge anyone who reads this to make one of their own and I’d love to see it when they are done and Its a gradual process so take your time, If anyone actually does this. Anywho, I’ll be posting about the initial thing I wanted to post about before I got distracted and posted this later. until then, stay gracious.



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