I’m Back!!

Hey guys

first off yay! I got home this afternoon because we just got on mid-term break which lasts for a week and I’m feeling pretty giddy. #HOMESWEETHOME


Sooo as for my adventurous three weeks in boarding school, there really isn’t much to tell, sadly but I do have a few things to say about the boarding house.

first off, we call it a hostel, and we live with two matrons which are practically female guardians.

5:00 AM
We have to wake up at exactly five AM and rush downstairs for the morning devotion and I mean like legit rush. As soon as the bell is rung we jump out of our beds and make our way downstairs immediately to keep from being late

6:00 AM
When the bell is rung again at this time it signifies ‘bathing time over’ as per don’t be in the shower at this time and if you are DO NOT get caught.

Couple minutes later….
Not sure the exact time but couple minutes after 6:00 AM is time for inspection so at that time the matron inspects all rooms to make sure all beds are dressed, all uniforms worn and all bathrooms void.

Couple more minutes later….
Couple more minutes later (yes I don’t know the time) is breakfast. SO we hurry down because you can’t be late. After that we just wait for the bus.  When we  comeback from school we have lunch then later in the evening we have dinner and then prep where we read or study from 8:00PM to 9:45PM. Then its lights out by 10:15

well, I just thought I’d tell you pretty people how it is in my boarding house. I’m sure it’s different in other places! comment your thoughts below.



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