Boarding school! dun dun dun


Hope everyone’s having a great day. I know I’m not, not really, not much and here’s why.

first off boarding school. The place where every growing kids dreams get crushed. OR NOT. when most of us hear of boarding school all we remember are crazy strict reform schools or something. right? truth is, boarding school isn’t so bad. I think. I’m not there yet so I wouldn’t know. That’s right, I’m going to boarding school! don’t worry it’s not because of bad behavior or anything. It’s basically because I have external exams coming up soon and my mom thinks going to my schools boarding house is the best way to get me to really study.

well, that or she just wants me out of the house.

Anywho I’ll be leaving tomorrow and I thought I’d write a post informing all of you gracious readers about why you won’t be hearing much from me.If you haven’t figured yet by that last statement my schools boarding house does not allow any electrical appliances or gadgets i.e

  • pressing irons
  • flat irons
  • hair dryers
  • laptops
  • cell phones
  • tablets

and basically anything that needs to be recharged.

I know right, HOW WOULD I SURVIVE?

but fear not! people still sneak some important stuff in. Stuff like phones, tablets, laptops and on occasion pressing irons because well we wear uniforms and they rumple quite easily after a wash. And well, I don’t want to brag but I’ve got my ways…

tumblr_lpp6r04xqp1qg1bak (1).gif

or do I? honestly I have nothing I want to sneak in even. My phone has issues and is currently useless, my tablet is way too noticeable and I feel like I’ll get caught with it quite easily, a hairdryer makes way to much noise to be used in secret and I do not want to be responsible for burning and/or potentially burning down the house with a pressing iron, same goes for a flat iron.

I’m having mixed feeling about going, I’m a little excited about living by myself with a bunch of other girls but honestly I’m a little scared about leaving my house to live in somewhere completely different so I though I’d do a list of pros and cons to keep myself balanced.


  • I’d be living with a bunch of my class mates
  • I’d learn to be independent
  • I’d study more
  • I’d have a lot of people to talk to
  • It might be fun


  • I’d miss my family
  • I wont have internet
  • I wont be able to do just anything

Well, those are all the pros and cons I can think of right now. Still, the entire thing just makes me really nervous because there are lots of both good and bad things I’ve heard about the hostel. I don’t really have much to worry about though, I’m a senior and a prefect (something I might write about soon) and therefore no one has much of an authority over me really except form teachers and such.

anyway bye guys, I hope I can write soon!! (maybe I’ll sneak in my tablet after all)

Till the next post, date undecided.





7 thoughts on “Boarding school! dun dun dun

  1. Boarding school??!
    Honestly, if my parents send me to the boarding school, I’ll slightly excited.
    Maybe because of everything in the pros section. Anyways, I love the concept of your blog. It’s flexible and diary-ish. In love ā¤

    Liked by 1 person

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