My embarrassing punk rock phase ‘5SOS’


Basically everyone goes through phases at different points in their life and a very common one for teenage girls is the punk rock phase, oh that didn’t happen to you? well, just hold on it’s going to. (except if you’re an alien or somn, then you’re safe) The rest of us, get ready to be so engulfed in punk rock bands that you would want to live your entire life around them, you would read about them, watch crack videos on YouTube about them and you would individually move from having one band member as your favorite to the other, depending on where social media leads you.

So, my punk rock phase is officially over but that doesn’t mean I’m any less embarrassed about it. Damn, the things I did, well fortunately for you, I’m here to give you all (nearly all) the dirty details about my very embarrassing teenage phase.

5SOS Five Seconds Of Summer



OMG I was so obsessed with this band that I could not think straight for so long, you can’t blame me though, they are hella cute. Back then I had just started reading on watt pad and a majority of the fan-fiction there was on 5SOS. At that point I didn’t even know about them so basically I met them on wattpad. I was reading lots of fan-fiction at the time and most of them if not all, were based on the guys from 5SOS so I went and looked them up on the internet and voila, I fell in love with them and developed a not-so-healthy obsession with them. It didn’t help that most of the others on watt pad were basically obsessed with them too so at the beginning of a book chapter they’d insert photos and videos and all that other good stuff and I was like ‘mmm show me more’ To just show you how much I loved them here’s something I wrote about them on my old blog. What, I have an old blog? bet you didn’t know that.

whoop whoop five sauce.
then again I still don’t get while its sauce. why cant it be good ‘ole fashioned es oh es, at least that’s what I still call them. first off I’m not gonna lie and say that I hate them and stuff to get attention, don’t get me wrong I would have totally done it I just don’t want to. For those of you who are still living under rocks, get up and out because five es oh es is taking the world by tsunami. yes you read that right. five seconds of summer is an amazing Australian boy-band (who apparently don’t like to be called a boy-band so don’t tell em I said that) who are responsible for:

  • the drooling going on around the female species (yup I said that)
  • the all-of-a-sudden emo make overs
  • taking our fragile female hearts and tossing them into the wind
  • making us all want to dye our hair (this one goes out to you Michael)
  • the heartbreak(s) girl(s)
  • and making us all just want to wake up with amnesia
yup I guess that pretty much sums it all up into a big ball of how pathetic I’ve become. (cries)

okay for all of you who, sadly know nothing about five seconds of summer here’s a starters pack of fifteen down-to-earth true facts that I’ve gathered up for you.

  1. They are an Australian band
  2. There have always been only four members
  3. They are all Australians
  4. Their names are; Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford and Calum Hood
  5. Ashton plays drums
  6. Luke plays guitar
  7. Michael plays guitar
  8. Calum plays bass
  9. Michael has probably dyed his hair all the colours of the rainbow and then some.
  10. Luke is the youngest
  11. Ashton is the oldest
  12. they are all above eighteen
  13. If they weren’t 5SOS they’d be BROMANCE…..(sooo well thank goodness)
  14. Ashton is both Aussie and American
  15. Luke is an uncle

They are generally a bunch of totally and completely normal guys (yes they fart too like the rest of us normal people) who make great music and who are just completely and totally adorable and funny and have great hair. seriously look at all that lush.

So yeah, I changed my profile photos to them, I downloaded music videos and photos and I started writing a fan-fiction on watt pad, yes I did that.


Just in case you’re wondering no, I never finished that fan-fiction. The thing is when something is a phase, you find it hard to continue with it. I mean, I started that fan-fiction thinking that I would finish it because I was so engulfed in 5SOS but then when I thought about it after it was all basically something that became so tasking it wasn’t so fun to write anymore.

Well, that brings me to the end of this flash back and for those of you 5SOS fans who might read this and think that I’m hating on them, no I’m not. I still genuinely like their music and occasionally gawk at group photos but I just don’t obsess over them like I used to.

so there you have it. Don’t forget to comment your thoughts below!





8 thoughts on “My embarrassing punk rock phase ‘5SOS’

  1. I don’t see the embarrassing in liking them, I personally still love 5sos, and the one of their concerts I went to was awesome, but let’s say that I also wasn’t as ehhmmm… commited or enthousiastic as you πŸ˜‰ I might’ve been embarrassed about that as well πŸ˜›

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