Dying dreams.


I’m sure at this point you’re probably wondering what my title is all about but keep calm no one’s actually dying.

I think.

well, I love to write for fun so I’m writing this fantasy book, here’s the summary and prologue, I’d love to know what you think!


This is not your typical paranormal romance…..

After Ariel Norman wakes up from a coma after almost dying in a diving accident, she is thrust into a world she has never been in before. A place between life and death called ‘the bridge’ where she visits every time she dreams. In this world she meets them, Thanatos and Hypnos, The gods of death and dreams, brothers. Tall, dark and gorgeous they are everything Ariel would normally stay away from but they are the only ones who have the answers she needs. Her life is turned upside down and to make matters worse, she might just be falling in love.



I stared into the dark vortex of the swirling sea, waves crashing against the rocks with loud bangs. To my side a group of teenagers who I didn’t know enough to call friends raised their fists into the air chanting “dive” over and over.

This was it, the moment when I would prove myself, the sand blonde haired girl in front of me looked back once taking it all in as if it would be her last, which was a possibility, for all I knew it may be her last.

Why did we even do this? there were so many reasons not to so many reasons why it was very dangerous but we did it anyway. It was a game of wit that was for sure but aside from it being a gesture to prove ourselves it was also our high.

The adrenaline coursing through your veins for those few moments right before you hit the water to possible death was something that will stick to your subconscious for lifetimes when you will think back and say to yourself I almost died….almost.

It was called storm cliff diving, and just like the name it was cliff diving in the storm as the water crashed and banged and as the wind howled this way and that young and very stupid teenagers I included would make their way to the cliff and at the count of three one at a time jump into the water to almost certain death.

They would fight their way to the top and then a rope is sent down which they grab unto and pull themselves out.


They chanted and the blonde haired girl in front of me stepped off the cliff and fell into the water with a loud plop! The waves crashing again and again in a manner that you would think she would be forever pulled into the depths of the black sea.

Three seconds pass

The top of her hair plops out into the surface followed by the rest of her body and the rope is thrown into the water. Chants erupt from the group of teenagers congratulating her and welcoming her into their clique and just like that she was one of them.

That’s what I wanted, that’s why I was doing this, not for the adrenaline or entirely to prove myself but to be accepted, I wanted so bad to be a part of something that I’d risk my life. It was a dumb move but hey go big or go home right?

“It’s your turn sweetheart” a handsome blonde jock with the build of a model says to me and I nod repeatedly taking a step forward to where the blonde haired girl had stood only moments before.

Chicken out now and my the rest of my life amongst my peers would be my own personal hell.

The boy gives me a look as if telling me this was my last chance to back out but I set my gaze to the water and take one final step and that was all the confirmation he needed. The countdown starts.


I try not to step back


I try to convince myself it would all be over in less than a minute.


The wind howling in my ear and the crash of the waves against the rocks loud and paralysing I look back because for all I know this may be my last.


I take a step off the cliff and I’m falling it feels like minutes but in reality its only seconds before I reach the water. Its cold and the force is pulling me down but I begin my swim up and within seconds I’m out on the surface.

The yelling and hooting begins and I let out a breath I had had been holding the worst was over. The rope is tossed to me and I grab unto it with all my strength as I’m pulled to the surface and that’s when it all went wrong.

The waves crash into me but I keep my fingers firmly wrapped around the thick bundle literally holding on for dear life. Then another wave and another, I can hear the shocked screams of the people yelling at me to hold on but my fingers are slipping. Suddenly the biggest wave of the lot crashes over me the momentum forcing the rope out of the not-so-tight grip of my fingers.

I’m sinking.

Down down I go all the way fighting for breath but there is none. The waves only grow bigger and the storm only gets louder adding to the impact.

Soon I give up, I can hear nothing, I can see nothing, my lungs fight for air, only taking in water with every false breath.

This was it I was gonna die

My eyes close and my arms lose strength to fight and I’m being pulled into the sea, deeper and deeper into the dark vortex. I lose my will then my consciousness then my body goes numb as the world goes black.

don’t forget to comment your thoughts!


4 thoughts on “Dying dreams.

  1. You have a very beautiful writing style and your ability to express your thoughts properly is definitely one of a kind. I truly believe this is the first of many more to come. Never stop writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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